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Release: May 20, 2011
PEGI: 18+

Boston Gay Bar: Rise

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Since 1998 Boston gay bar Rise has been the after hours party for Boston’s high energy, late night party crowd. Featuring a continuous line up local and international DJ’s. To see what’s happening tonight at Rise, check out their Events Calendar.


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Boston Sports Bar: Champions

Boston sports bar Champions is located in Boston's Back Bay

If you like consumer electronic technologies as much as you like following your favorite sports teams, Champions Sports Bar & Grill may be a good place to check out. Champions is Located on the second level of the Marriott Copley Place in Boston’s trendy Back Bay district.

As of this publication, Champions claims to have Boston’s largest viewing screen, measuring in at 12’x24′. We can’t confirm or deny that statement as we we’re able to measure it, but a source tells us that a competitor will be trumping this soon and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. They also claim that “Champions has fast become the place to “see and be seen.” Again, we can’t deny that as the atmosphere, neighborhood, crowd and staff have been awesome on our visits, but there’s something about a place that calls it’s self the “place to be seen” that makes us not want to be seen there. Crazy? Just our take.

Regardless, Champions serves as a fantastic venue when you need to make sure things are done right (think: your father in law, your bosses boss, type thing). The menu, all be it a hotel bar menu, is decent, the atmosphere really is cool and like we said earlier we can’t say enough about the staff who have always been fun and attentive. We’re probably being a little hard on Champions at a rating of 3.5 but welcome counter views, opinions and rating.

Bottom line you can’t go wrong at Boston Sports Bar Champions (unless of course you wear a tank top or cut offs).  ~ bb


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